Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Ronald Reagan 1984

This is an advert for Ronald Reagan from the 1984 presidential race against Walter Mondale in which Reagan won 49 of 50 states, the largest majority in America's history. This advert is one of the most famous political adverts of all time, originally titled 'Prouder, Stronger, Better' it has become known simply as "Its morning again in America."
Almost all political campaigns talk about a new era or new beginning and this is no different, however it is odd that at this time things are going well in America but it still talks about 'morning in America' which is a metaphor for renewal. Since Reagan was the incumbent President, to talk of renewal or a new era could be seen as an odd message to give out. The main issues at this time were high inflation, the economy, the soviet union/arms race and less government interference. These are all issues that we are dealing with today, in one way or another, so it would be easier to say instead of new era's, the politics of America is a cycle in which the same issues come back around.
The message the advert is sending is that people are working in America, life is good because; people are getting married and buying new homes and that you needn't be worried, you can be confident in America. The voice over is by Hal Raney, who also wrote the advert, his voice is very calming and reassured which helps with the overall theme that everything is fine. The images shown are of people happy, care free, calm and confident, again this helps to send out the message that America is fine.

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