Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Obama Campaign Ad 2012 - Bill Clinton

 This campaign advertisement from the 2012 elections, is from the viewpoint of Bill Clinton, and how he thinks Obama's "got it right". The ad goes on to emphasize all the positive changes Obama will make during his next 4 years if he is re-elected president.

Additionally Clinton goes on to comment that all of Obama's ideas are essential if changes are to be made. Clinton states "Sound familiar?", because he had originally proposed some of these same ideas. Clinton endorsing Obama for president, would mean that any previous voters for Clinton could be more likely to vote for Obama. In opposition to this, Clinton was the second President to be impeached, and the controversy surrounding this could turn voters away from Obama.

However, the ideas Obama has about supporting the middle classes, and making the wealthy pay more succeeds to draw in many people who believe this to be a serious issue, although it may alienate the wealthy, upper class voter. In addition to this, no mention is given to those of lower classes, which could also be a problem. This however does help in explaining how the problem would be solved, rather than just stating the problem. Romney, in the same election campaign, proposed cutting the taxes of the wealthy, in the same way, alienating everyone else.

The ad starts with the idea of Obama being criticized and how Clinton himself was criticized by the same people, who believed his ideas were going to destroy jobs, he goes on to say how they were proved wrong when they created millions of new jobs. This implies that "they" are also wrong about Obama, effectively asking Americans to ignore any negative messages on Obama. 

Many Presidential campaign ads follow the same line, in that they are always promoting change, and tackling huge problems, yet when they fail to follow through, they're criticized for it. Topics such as education and healthcare are reoccurring issues, which Obama also claims to want to change for the better, and other ads for Obama in 2012 highlight all the changes that have occurred in the previous 4 years that Obama was president, such as his reform on the student loans system, making college more affordable.

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