Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Pro and anti gun control

Pro Gun control:

The 'Coalition to stop gun violence' believes that all Americans have a right to live in a community free from gun violence and thus seeks to secure freedom from gun violence through many strategies to keep guns away from violent individuals.
The CSGV consists of 48 organizations and the website appears to be very convincing as it includes news articles, facts and figures to back up its arguments. For example, the website states that 40% of gun sales are made without any background checks which therefore gives convicted felons, the  mentally ill etc, unchecked access to firearms and therefore a background check is deemed necessary. For example, they aim to prohibit individuals who are on the government watch list from purchasing guns. However a problem with this is that it although an individual may have a clean background, they still may purchase a firearm with bad intentions in the future.  Or despite their violent past, some may wish to purchase a gun in self defence yet would not be able to do so.

Anti gun control:

This website states that 'Guns don't kill people, gun control laws kill people'
It states that gun control laws are not necessarily putting an end to gun violence in the U.S, stating that "Gun-free" zones are actually "Free killing" zones as gun control laws prohibit the people from protecting themselves. I think the websites arguments are convincing as for example, it states that the perpetrator is aware that he is entering a gun free zone and therefore acknowledges that the victims have no way to protect themselves. Thus, the constitution believes it is in each man and woman's right  to serve as self defenders and to be adequately armed in order to protect themselves.

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