Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Obama 2012 Campaign Ad

In his campaign for the renewal of his Presidency in 2012, Obama focuses on American ideals that are central to the country. For example, his plan to create more jobs, particularly in the industrial and educational sectors relate back to the American ideals of hard work and how securing themselves with a strong background can help to keep America as strong as it is today for the next generation. The idea of encouraging students into education by reducing fees and expanding student aid is a key concept of Obama's that reinforces the importance of the growing generation.
He also states that he wants to reduce deficit by $4 trillion dollars, meaning that the government will therefore be able to 'rebuild' America as he later says because they will be spending less; a factor which is important when considering that it is the great superpower of the world (hence his decision to begin withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, as this is often a controversial topic). The Afghan war is a subject that remains at the forefront of politics and the suggestion that all troops will be withdrawn by the end of 2014 demonstrates Obama's knowledge of the importance of having a clean slate as a country by limiting the controversy surrounding them as a nation.
Factors such as education, work and international issues are always at the forefront of politics, particularly American politics, as they are always striving to be the best and their belief in the power of hard work is highly evident and the fact that high-powered politicians are striving to make people the best that they can is no new idea when discussing American politics.

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