Thursday, 21 November 2013

Pro or Anti Gun Control?

This article reveals that according to FBI statistics from the beginning of 2012, approximately 25 people are murdered every day in shootings in the USA. This number is aggressively high, with around 9125 deaths per year and a sharp rise in massacres such as the one that happened at Sandy Hook many people are advocating higher regulations on gun control. But there are still people who lobby for more relaxed weapon regulations. Many people blame popular culture for the rise in gun crime but if you look at the statistics they show little to no correlation between violent scenes in video games and gun crime. It may also be poignant to mention that the united states has the most lenient weapons regulations out of the countries on this table.

In this review of the documentary, ‘Assaulted: Civil Rights under Fire’, by Kris Koenig, the New York Times is showing a side of the argument that is rarely popularised. Something that is often heard is the argument that if a burglar came into somebody's house, that somebody should be allowed to open fire. But the documentary takes on a much more complex question as it asks if women, homosexuals and those with disabilities should be able to carry weapons as self-defence from hate crimes, it argues that these people are vulnerable and guns are reasonable protection. But surely if these so called "vulnerable" people are allowed to be carrying weapons, then their assailants are more likely to be as well. The documentary even goes as far as to state that Pro-Gun Control laws are akin to the tyranny of dictators such as Hitler or Stalin. This shows how passionate and serious American citizens are about their second amendment rights and this could be seen as a reason that they should not be armed.

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