Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Pro and Anti Gun Control

Anti-gun control:

As 'Guns and Ammo' is the most popular shooting magazine in the United States, it is obvious that they don't support gun control. Their magazine and online magazine focus on the idea of shooting as a hobby and of collecting guns as a hobby. There are sections such as the 'Guns and Ammo Holiday Gift Guide' and the promotion of buying guns like they are normal gifts is a shocking concept to British audiences, particularly as we hold the Firearms Act which bans the free ownership of guns but requires them to be registered; a law that 'Guns and Ammo' readers would find shocking. They were coincidentally outraged when Jim Bequette ('Guns and Ammo' editor) wrote an article vying for gun control saying that it wouldn't impede on the Second Amendment, only to be met with magazine boycott threats and his firing from the magazine. This demonstrates how much Americans value guns in their everyday lives, especially considering that the magazine tends to promote gun use like an innocent sport.
There is also a 'Caption Contest' section which is perhaps the most difficult to articulate as it makes gun handling seem humorous and joke worthy. For example, the fact that there are pictures of foxes and cats yielding guns along side a man holding probably an eight foot long gun show just how carelessly and inappropriate some Americans can be towards gun ownership, and how their agreement with gun control is still very absent.

I support gun control because I believe that the free ownership of guns causes more problems than it does protection. For example, in America more than half of all murders begin from arguments with friends, family or lovers and more Americans are killed by guns each week than each year in all of Western Europe. However, I can see how the freedom to carry guns provides the feeling of protection and therefore power and that shooting can be an innocent sport to give a sense of camaraderie amongst friends, but the evidence seems to show that the idea of gun control should be taken more seriously than it is.

Pro-gun control:

The 'Brady Campaign for Gun Control' was founded in 1974 (under a different name) in the attempt to control handguns after Dr. Mark Borinsky was robbed and nearly killed at gunpoint. All of the people involved in the organisation have had an experience with gun violence, whether it be being shot themselves or knowing somebody, and this helps the organisation's appeal to support due to the reality of gun violence.
The 'Brady Campaign' fights for sensible gun laws that address gun violence at the federal and state level. Supporters of the 'Brady Campaign' are the American public and electing officials and they show their support for gun control through various demonstrations, the education of people about gun violence and gun safety, the honouring of gun violence victims and the receiving of donations towards their campaign for gun control.
The 'Brady Campaign' is a very relatable approach to the reality of gun violence and its reputation in America. It is a worthy cause and is a movement in the right direction towards the making of gun control normality.

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