Sunday, 3 November 2013

Religion in America and De Crevecoeur

The idea of religion in America is one that makes it stand out as an exceptional country. It has the power to create unification, similarity and a sense of community amongst Americans and the strength of the countrys religion is one that can be admired throughout the world.
De Crevecoeur notes the flowing and easy nature of religion by saying '[The] lord religion demands but little of him; a small voluntary salary to the minister, and gratitude to God; can he refuse these?' and I believe that this still reflects the contemporary American view of religion, in that they think nothing of their 'small' devotion to God, but to an outsider, their devotion may be seen as somewhat extreme and consuming.
He also notices how America stands out as one of the remaining countrys to practise their religion throughly as 'the strict modes of Christianity as practised in Europe are lost also', providing a stark contrast between America and its neighbours.
The picture above shows the normality of religion and its prescence in the American everyday life. The word 'worship' is relevant in the sense that they literally do worship God to a big extent. Religion is not only a small part of the community as it is, particularly in England (and even then, there are few church communities) but in America, they have communities because of religion and it builds a fundamental and recognisable part of their representation to the rest of the world.
Their devotion to God is always present whether it be in political demonstrations, films, songs and because of this it has become apparent that one of the reasons as to why America can be labelled as exceptional, and even new, is because of it's huge devotion to God and the sense of community that is provided because of this is something that can be admired by other countrys. The way that America can be called 'new' is because of its idea surrounding religion and how it is one of the few countrys to take religion so seriously and perhaps this is the new way of thinking, in the way that it creates such a strong community.

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