Tuesday, 24 September 2013

This is an obvious positive iconic image of America and the way America is seen by other nations, and by themselves as a hugely changed nation from the racism and discrimination that surrounded black people in the 1950's. This profound image shows clearly how far America has come as a nation from the fight for freedom in the 1950's, that Martin Luther King was a significant part of fighting for to Obama being made president in 2008 and the support that follows Obama from people of all different races and nationalities. It is clear to see the distinct change and development in the way people think and accept people that are different to them which makes this such an iconic image.

Both of these images are something that a lot of people, no matter where they're from, will link to America and how much gun crime takes place and is frequently covered on the news. The reason gun crime is so common and subsequently shocks so many people in other countries is because of the 2nd amendment, the freedom to be able to own a gun and so the lack of control over people and their actions. In other countries after the repeated gun massacres that have occurred in America, especially in schools, strict laws would have been put in place, but very little seems to change in America which causes continuing events to take place and so for everyone clearly a huge negative in American culture.

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