Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Positive and Negative images

Negative - Slavery;
I chose this image of a newspaper advertisement from the 1780's, advertising the sale of  '250 fine healthy negroes' to represent the slave trade. The slave trade in America lasted from the early sixteen hundreds to the end of the civil war in 1865 and cost any where from 10 to 20 million lives. It is estimated that almost 25% of households in southern America owned at least one slave at some point. The slave trade is definitely a negative time in US history if not the most negative time in US history.

Positive - Wall Street;
Wall street is the financial centre of the world and has been home to some of the most powerful institutions in the world such as the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ as well as many of the worlds banks headquarters. It has created more opportunities for all people to succeed in America and is one of the primary reason for Americas wealth and standing in the world today. It is a positive icon of America and still represents the economic power of the nation.

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