Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Positive and Negative American Images.

I think a very dangerous part of American culture is this "photoshop generation" in which we find ourselves. When the public is only exposed to pictures in which celebrities look perfect, the revelation that, Britney Spears has cellulite, or that Madonna's skin is not totally flawless, become exposés, instead of just facts that people grow old, they get fat, and they might not wear makeup all the time. This perfection seeking culture also further reinforces the misogynistic concept that women should always look their best; they should constantly strive for the unattainable excellence that even the Hollywood celebrities whom we perceive to look that way don’t. They only look like that once some person on a computer has spent hours smoothing their skin and making their waist smaller.
This photo, for me, encapsulates the amazing steps forward that America has made in regards to equality. Only a few years ago, the mere idea of having an African-American president was outrageous. Let alone an African American president who supports LGBT*+ rights, including their right to marry. As a nation, the USA has a long way to go until equality is achieved between genders, races or sexualities, but I think that the current political climate is one of progression. And that is a beautiful thing.

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