Wednesday, 25 September 2013

America's Positive and Negatives

America's film industry has had a huge impact across the whole world. Hollywood has set the way for other countries to create their own film industries, enabling a diverse range of genres to be shared. The scope of films coming out of America are so diverse that they create an escape for everybody and give the audience recognisable actors and actresses to link themselves to. Without the association of these actors and actresses, Hollywood would not be experiencing the phenomenon that it now is. From the 'Golden Age of Hollywood' we have created a connection between the escapist movies and the characters within them. Additionally, the opportunity for jobs that America's film industry provides is massive and can only be desired by other industries.

The infamous events of the American civil rights movement such as Little Rock and the Montgomery Bus Boycotts show America to be the controversial country that it can be. It has still failed to progress in its ideas, particularly in the deep south and the ideas that people shared about different races were shocking. The concept that the segregation was so extreme is something that we often forget about America today, failing to remember that it once pushed incredibly harsh rules into the foreground of its society. Although it has mostly passed these extremities, these events are still a huge part of the country's history and should not be looked upon lightly.

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