Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Positive and negative iconic American images

A negative iconic image of America is the great depression and the fact that the economy has still not fully recovered. For example, the last recession America had was the worst economic crisis since the great depression (1929)  The Great depression was a pessimistic period for all Americans due to the wall street crash. The image to the left depicts a migrant mother of seven children, taken by Dorothea Lange. Her look of despair illustrates that America needed to create a source of hope. Lange had stated that there were 'Seven hungry children. Father is native Californian. Destitute in pea pickers’ camp … because of failure of the early pea crop. These people had just sold their tires to buy food'   This illustrates the struggle Americans had to endure. The American dream was a source of hope for those who endured long periods of poverty during the great depression. The dream states that Americans have personal freedom and that all Americans have equal opportunities throughout their lives, and this 'American dream' is an iconic image to everyone and it is what attracts us to America. However, the dream is not equally available to all. People in America now are no longer ambitious to become more successful and unemployment continues to soar. Therefore it could be considered that the American dream is merely a myth. 

A positive iconic image of America is the foreign aid which they provide for other countries. This also illustrates that America is not in fact ignorant of the rest of the world. USAID works in over 100 countries across the globe. Their aims include protecting human rights and advance agriculture. As stated on the USAID website, more than 3 million lives are saved every year thanks to USAID. This is an iconic image as it illustrates that America looks out for the well being of others as well as their own American dream.

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