Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Gatorade advert

This commercial for Gatorade is from March of this year. It tells the story of Gatorade from its creation in 1965, to help the Florida Gators when playing in hot weather. It shows some of the most iconic sports men and women in American history such as Michael Jordan, Dwayne Wade, Serena Williams and Peyton Manning. Gatorade can be seen as a symbol of success, with the iconic Gatorade shower created in the mid 1980’s. The process involves throwing a tub full of the drink over the coach or star player of the winning team. The advert shows how the drink has helped each of these players and teams become successful with the final shots show an unknown athlete training with the taglines “continue the legend” and “win from within”. These two taglines represent how the company wants to be seen by the American public, as an ingredient to success. Although originally started as a sports drink, today it is consumed by non-athletes as a stimulant drink. This shows how America consumes things differently from what they were originally intended for. In this way Gatorade can be compared to jeans.           
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