Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Chevy

The Chevrolet car brand was created in 1911 by a Swiss-born racing car driver and the reasons for its popularity stems from "Having a popularly priced, made-in-America vehicle is important for the country. Some element of national pride is involved," says Jack Nerad, an executive editorial director and market analyst for (Kelley Blue Book's - a car sales website). As Americans value their national pride extremely, it only seems fitting that a truck made in their own country  should become a part of their pride and a reason for their pride. America is a country known for its consumerism and it can only be seen as a good thing that the Chevy has been the fuel for their car culture and that they are supporting their own car industry by doing so.
The Chevy has become such an American symbol and it even has a strong presence in songs when demonstrating the freedom that it represents. It has a particular tendency to appear in Country songs (which are the epitome of Americana), with such examples ranging from Shania Twain: 'He can have a '55 Chevy or a fancy little pick-up truck' to Taylor Swift: 'Just a boy in a Chevy truck' to Alan Jackson: 'Well we fogged up the windows in my old Chevy'. Not only does it symbolise freedom and is a classic road trip car, but (particularly in Taylor Swift's case) the idea of innocence and the idea of romance always seem to go hand in hand with the introduction of a Chevrolet.
Their designs have been called 'beautiful' (particularly the Camaro) and are so well designed and built that they have a longevity that seems to out do other brands. The normality of getting a Chevy as a first car and keeping it for years and years is so common in America, and its ability to not only trascend through generations, but also for its popularity to last, proves how the Chevy is a symbol of American values.

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