Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Russian Views on America and American Society.

It took me a while to find information from a site that wasn't American, but when I did, I came to realize just how negative the Russian views on America today, truly are.

Russia and USA: Cold War already on? - English

I found this article to be very enlightening, and they seem to have polls on whether Russian's believe that another cold war is going to happen between Russia and America. The poll indicates that Russians tend to believe that the cause of this is due to American politicians. However the Article as a whole is not completely negative, and does state that Russia and the USA are not enemies, but merely rivals. The whole article is a discussion on the opposing views of America and Russia. "Of course, the "cold war" still affects politicians today. In home politics, it is very easy to earn some points by finding an enemy, and criticizing him. This is what US politicians like to do. " Is taken directly from the article, and is quoted from the director of Franklin D. Roosevelt Foundation for United States Studies at the Moscow State University, Yuri Rogulev.
However it is interesting to note that both positive and negative stances are taken into account in the article.

This article is one of many on this website, which is an online newspaper, and looking at a few others, they seem to be negative on a whole. Then of course we have to consider whether this is a reliable source or not. The fact that it is an online newspaper, may have you believe that they should be unbiased in their opinions, and that the facts they use could be genuine. However, the newspaper itself is associated with the Soviet Communist Party of the Russian Federation. This could mean that the paper is potentially bias. The site is known to publish conspiracy theories and the like, meaning it isn't as reputable as possible and the information may not be reliable.

Another Example of the content on this newspaper's website:

McCain - America's Voice? - English

Which in itself is completely negative about America, especially its politicians.

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