Sunday, 6 October 2013

Church Demographics in America.

With America being the place for religious freedom, I wanted to look at the figures for which churches are the most followed in America. You often hear about Cultic Movements and Sects originating from America, yet from the statistics above, you would simply believe that America is very religious. Yet being part of a religious group doesnt mean that these people are at all religious. In America, it is important to have a religion. The reason this image surprised me is that Baptists cover the most number of 'countries' in America, and i didnt know this beforehand. It's interesting to note that it is very compact into the south-east region of North America. It was also interesting to note that the majority of the west coast is predominately Catholic, and as a Catholic myself, I didn't know Catholicism was as spread out as this map would make it seem.

It is also interesting to note that The Latter-Day Saints are Localised to Utah and Idaho. Mormonism is the main branch of the Latter Day Saints Movement, and the majority of practicing Mormons live in the state of Utah. In addition Michigan and Iowa have the largest group calling themselves 'reformed'.

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