Saturday, 5 October 2013

Map of American Ancestry


Map sourced from showing information from the 2000 census.
Statistics sourced from and

Known as a nation of immigrants this map gives a breakdown of the ancestry of the people living in the different counties in the United States. From it we can see that the majority of African Americans live in the south and on the east coast, probably due to historical reasons. The percentage of the population that was African American in 2000 was 12.1% the largest minority at the time. The map also shows us that the majority of the Hispanic population lives along the Mexican border, again probably due to historical reasons. The two things that I found most interesting was the amount of people living in America with German ancestry it is the largest ancestry in America with 15.2% of the population having German ancestry. Second being Irish with 10.8%. Also the small pockets of Native Americans living in the middle of America, from once being the only residents on the land, to just 2.8% of the population having Native American ancestry in the year 2000.

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